Multi-dimensional drywall and acoustic ceilings 

Our reputation for commitment, integrity, quality workmanship and delivering projects on-time has earned us respect in the industry. MAI is proud to have been a trusted partner in construction for our Clients for the past 20 years, and we look forward to future years of delivering high quality projects.

Our Services


Light gage metal framing (structural metal.) Interior framing (non-structural) gypsum board products. Accoustical and thermal insulation. Exterior sheathing finish taping.

Supplemental Services

Millwork installation. Wood framing. LVL’s and plywood FRP. Doors. Frames and hardware. Select demolition. EOFS/Plaster. Spray insulation. Polypropolene panels (clean rooms.) Ornamental Plaster.

Acoustical Ceilings

Suspended acoustical ceilings. Adhesively applied ceilings. Decorative wood and metal ceilings. Fabric all and ceiling systems.

Delivering Quality Service to Meet Technical Goals

Mass Acoustics Inc maintains an excellent relationship with many outstanding contractors and clients. Through past performance in meeting our clientele’s economic, quality, and time requirements, we have developed and maintained the high expectations and goals established by our company.

Our construction and management support personnel, with many years of experience, stand ready at all times to assist you with any and all of your drywall & acoustical needs and questions. Consider us for both your current and future drywall and acoustical projects.

Happy Clients

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Some of our clients:

Millennium Pharmaceuticals
Charles River Lab
Stone Hearth Pizza
Tiffany + Company
Boston Beer Works
Legal Seafood
Shreve Crump + Lowe

Wellesley Bank
Air France
Fenway Park
Museum of Fine Arts
Beth Isral Hospital
Whitehead Institute
Dana Farber